Let's make stuff!

My name is Nebojša Stričević, but friends call me Strika. So should you.

I'm an independent consultant. I develop custom web applications based on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

I'm actively working on TribeLib - a free tool that helps you build, grow and maintain a great company library.

I was as a lead engineer on Semaphore - a continuous testing and deployment service. I was there when the project started and a "team" of 0.5 developers worked on it. I was also there when thousands of developers around the world used the service every day and a dedicated team of 18 engineers, designers, writers and other makers worked on the project.

I wrote several articles for Semaphore Community about software engineering in general and deploying and testing Ruby and Clojure applications:

I spoke on WebCamp conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, about feature flags.

If you want to know how I got here, read the story how I became a software engineer. If you're interested in my skill set, please see my resume.

I live in Novi Sad, Serbia, with my wonderful wife Tanja and son Mihajlo.

Feel free to send me an email, follow me on Twitter or connect with my LinkedIn account. Also, check out my work on GitHub or read the log of my activies or the list of papers I read.